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    Carole Bergen, Ph.D., L.M.F.T., has been in private practice as a licensed
    psychotherapist since July of 1995. She received her doctorate from
    University of Metaphysics in 1999, and a masters in Counseling Psychology
    from Santa Clara University in 1992.

    She is a member of A.A.M.F.T. (American Association of Marriage and
    Family Therapists), The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, E.M.D.R. I., (Eye movement desensitation and reprocessing International.)

    She has specialized and extensive training in medical/clinical hypnosis,
    E.M.D.R., and women's concerns around issues of sexual abuse, incest, body
    image, and self-esteem. She has also done extensive study and treatment
    working with adults and adolescents with Attention Deficit Disorder,
    (A.D.D.), and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, (A.D.H.D.).

    She is a minister for the International Metaphysical Ministry, and
    performs wedding ceremonies, as well as classes in meditation techniques.

    She treats individuals, couples, and groups, and specializes in
    relationship counseling for couples, with a customized 12-week program.
    This program focuses on the main issues that couples face today, including
    anger management, intimacy, communication, and finances. She has added an
    emphasis on the revitalization of the relationship dyad and a conscious
    awareness of issues particular to the couple she is treating.

    Her emphasis on healing is from a holistic perspective of body, mind, and

    Classes and services are held in Gig Harbor, Washington. Phone number is 253-853-5800
Carole Bergen, Ph.D.

Call (253) 853-5800 for an appointment

Member of  A.A.M.F.T      WA license # LF00001753 - CA License # M.F.T. 32512

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