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Meditation Instruction - Carole Bergen, Ph.D.  - Individual and small groups
Metaphysical ministries is a service to people who are attempting to develop a more spiritual life, or to become more spiritually connected. This involves the practice of both Eastern & Western meditation, classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Some meditation classes are focused on the meanings of chakras, and meditation on the chakras. n addition, the ministry offers healing practices, using guided imagery, aids in the development of awareness, unity, and development of consciousness. The ministry also offers premarital counseling, and performs wedding ceremonies.
Metaphysics, meaning more than physics, is a philosophy that understands the fundamental nature of visible and non-visible realities, and is devoted to finding truth through unity of body, mind, and spirit, as well as unity with the divine spirit, or the energy forces that guide the universe and all beings that belong to it. 

Appointments for services may be obtained by by a request through E-mail or by calling 253-853-5800. Classes and services are held in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Call (253) 853-5800 for an appointment

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